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Code of Conduct 2020-21

Entry/Drop Off

  • orderly entry of students at designated Entry Point of building

  • students only allowed into the building

  • students to arrive ready dressed for class with a coat carrying dance shoes in a bag

  • all outdoor shoes changed into dance shoes before entering studio space

  • coats/bags to be left in a designated area

  • students then enter the hall and wait, socially distancing, for class to begin

Exit/Pick Up

  • all students will leave at the Exit Point of building in an orderly manner to be collected by a parent if nescessary

Students/Parents Check List

  • be ready dressed for class, including hair

  • young children may be carried to the door by parents with dance shoes ready on 

  • wear a coat/tracksuit only over dance gear

  • bring only things essential for class

  • do bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser

  • be aware of social distancing at all times

  • pupils feeling unwell must not attend class

  • any pupil testing positive for COVID-19 must contact the school


Adults may wear masks to class.

Hand sanitisers may be available in some venues but please bring your own too.

Time will be left for a calm change of class and any essential cleaning.

The Bryett School of Dance has a COVID-19 Dance Safe Risk Assessment in place.

Copies available upon request.

All venues are COVID-19 safety measures in place.

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