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Future students and pupils are welcome to a Try-Out Class payable for adults only.

Following registration, classes are usually billed at the beginning of each term.

Under 18's

Pre-Grades                                                      £6:00 per class

Grades                                                               £7.00 per class

Vocational                                                         £8.00 per class

Capped at 3 lessons per week 


Exam Coaching                                                £7.00/£8.00                       



Class per week - studio                                       £8.50

Class per week - Zoom                                       £7.00


Dance for Parkinson's - studio                          £7.00


2+ adult classes per week 10% discount


Those paying for 3 or more classes per week, can pay in 2 parts. This will be stated on the invoice along with methods of payment.




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