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The School is registered with The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and pupils follow the syllabi in their chosen genre. The classes start with Nursery Ballet, then go on to the graded Pre-Primary, Primary, graduating through Grades 1-6 until the vocational examinations.

In our classes, we encourage, teach and develop:

  • Co-ordination

  • Postural awareness

  • Core Stability

  • Concentration

  • Musicality

  • Artistry

  • Respect towards each other and dance studio/theatre etiquette

Classes run term time.


Pre-Primary Ballet - age 3-5 yrs

Pre-Primary Ballet is a 30 minute class containing a carefully selected mix of exercises & dances to help develop co-ordination, concentration and confidence. The class is taught gently, to encourage children to relax, listen and react in their own time. Basic movements are taught through stories, using props and imagination. The children enjoy riding on magical ponies of every colour and have imaginary friends like Fred, the school mouse, who lives in the shoe box. We listen to music and see how it makes us feel. We make friends and practise our good manners with each other. In this calm environment, the children learn very quickly. Their confidence grows weekly as does their ability to concentrate. When ready, they move up to the next level, well prepared to learn new steps and skills.


Classical Ballet - age 5+ years

Classical Ballet is the most demanding and strengthening form of dance. It is also the foundation for many other dance genres. We follow the Imperial Ballet syllabus with levels from Pre-Primary to Vocational Grades. The pupils learn exercises, steps and dances in their class and through practise, perfect them to their best ability. When ready, they can take an examination and pass on up to the next grade to learn new steps and challenges. This dance genre is excellent for all children (& adults!) of all abilities, shapes and sizes. The brain is tested as much as the body especially as we progress to the higher levels. Correct posture is taught and core stability understood as the centre of physical control. Because the technique and physical strength needed for ballet is demanding, we encourage older pupils to take at least two classes a week - especially if they wish to enter for exams. This normally applies from Grade/Standard 3. Last, but not least, pupils of all ages learn about artistry through the movement and music. Musicality is a very important part of dancing and many enjoy being introduced to classical music used in class. We sometimes use a pianist for examinations and special events and pupils learn the joy of being accompanied by a musician.


Tap - age 6+ years

Tap dancing has always been very popular with dancers. It’s such fun and noisy! Of course, to do it correctly takes a lot of practise and skill.

Rhythm is taught from an early age and later pupils learn different styles and qualities through dances and steps.

Fitness is achieved as Tap Dance is often aerobic and physically demanding.

Special shoes are worn that have metal plates attached. These make sounds on the floor. Rhythms and steps are learnt gradually through the ISTD Tap Grades starting from Primary to Vocational.


ISTD Modern Theatre 

Modern Theatre is a very popular dance genre. It’s a fusion of dance genres, from Latin to hip-hop arranged into a beautifully thought out syllabi. A lot of the style stems from classical ballet. Pupils have isolated exercises that strengthen and stretch their bodies. Rhythm is studied and musicality fine tuned. Different styles of dance are taught and reflected by the varied music used. Again, the pupils follow progressive grades and are invited to take an exam when ready. 



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