Shows & Competitions



The School holds a show every two years in a professional theatre. It is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to perform onstage and have a truly unforgettable experience. They learn about team-work, backstage skills, rehearsals and performances.


Although the shows are professionally controlled by staff and carers, pupils are encouraged to have input - choreographing numbers and getting involved backstage. In the School we learn that there is far more to theatre than being onstage. Friendships grow through helping each other and a real pride in the work is noticeable. Pupils end a show inspired by the life skills they’ve learnt which propels them to learn more. It is a very exciting, happy experience – the definite highlight of their dancing experience.

The school recommends dance competitions organised by the I.S.T.D.

Pupils qualify to enter and enjoy a rich experience often held in theatres around the country. Parents are able to watch the competitions. 

We also hold in house Choreography Competitions which are very popular.