The Bryett School of Dance was started in Tadley, North Hampshire in 1995 by Penny Bryett.


The school is proud of a high standard, in class and on stage. Everyone is equally important and a very real family atmosphere is quite noticeable. Pupils are taught not only dance but how to work together to create a strong team spirit. Honesty of performance and safe technique are the most important teaching points in the school.


Through the years, Penny has helped and guided young, talented dancers achieve places in vocational colleges. Her background as a professional dancer/choreographer qualifies a very realistic knowledge on industry requirements for those aspiring to become professional dancers or teachers. 


The school is very proud of all present and ex-Bryett pupils who work so hard with so much pleasure to understand and love dance and the theatre. It’s a passion they’ll take away for a lifetime – and a very valid one!